Diamonds, the best match for pearls

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October 5, 2020



Diamonds and pearls

Everyone who visits us already knows where to find beautiful pearl pieces to match their great tastes, but, it`s not until they walk into our showroom near Roppongi Crossing that they witness our fine diamond selection. We believe in catering towards our customer’s tastes and suggestions, that’s why we sourced the finest cut diamonds to complement our gorgeous bands, stud earrings and necklaces.

Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By, Tokyo, Japan

Combination piece ideas in regard to color theory

Recently combinations of multiple pieces have been getting more popular, and our pieces are perfect to match with one another. There are no real rules to combining pieces together but if I were to recommend the best way to match pieces together it would be through using a color scheme. Depending on your wardrobe and how many pieces you are trying to match I would go with an analogous color palette mix which combines 3 similar colors on the color wheel, analogous colors creates a sense of depth much like a sunset, the colors do not stand out like other color schemes and correspond to nature, analogous colors are best with warm or cool colors in fashion. Another color scheme I recommend is a triadic color scheme, with this color scheme it is possible to match jewelry pieces as loud accents compared to conservative colored clothing, much like a gold trim on a uniform the Triadic color scheme allows the user to highlight important pieces from other jewelry or fashion. There are many other color schemes one can choose to model their combination of jewelry with but the choice is yours. Down below are some color chart diagrams and examples using our diamond and pearl selection. If you want more ideas for jewelry and fashion matching check out our blog (Pearl Experts Reveal: The Best Practices for Wearing Pearls).

Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By, Tokyo, Japan

Analogous color chart

Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By, Tokyo, Japan

Analogous selection

Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By, Tokyo, Japan

triadic color chart

Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By, Tokyo, Japan

Triadic selection

Engagement rings and customization

We also have many jewelry pieces with multiple gemstones with pearls, come on by and check out our beautiful gleaming earrings with diamonds and matching baroque pearl pieces that take the shape of lovely pears. If our selection does not suit your tastes we can customize any jewelry to your requirements. We can put new gems and pearls into existing heirlooms or upon request take gems and bands from the rings you have to put into new rings, earrings or any other jewelry type. Last but not least we offer engagement rings as well. We helped many couples with that beautiful first moment of realizing their relationship. In addition to our selection you can submit any design to our master crafters and we can make the ring exactly as you wish. We attain our diamonds from wholesalers with whom we built strong relationships over the years. This allows us to provide our customers with the best value as we do with pearls.

All Things Considered

Other jewelry shops may have diamond jewelry but they do not have the vast selection or competitive wholesale pricing of jewelry like Depending on the season you want to match your jewelry to in-trend fashions. I recommend our analogous color selection for this winter since many winter fashions are in the darker shades of earth tone colors and the triadic color selection for spring fashions. Be sure to check out our diamond jewelry selection at our showcase, there are many more matching possibilities other than the ones shown on this blog. If you just follow the color theory chart you could very well make a dashing assortment of jewelry to adorn your perfect winter or summer wardrobe. Engage with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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