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こちらは真珠が好きな方にとってはマストアイテムなクラシックなメンズネックレスです。日本のアコヤ真珠は比較的サイズが小さいので、どんなコーデにも合い、毎日身につけることができます。 「花珠」品質の真珠を専門としており、この連は日本の真珠の上位10%に含まれています。これらの真珠を手に入れる機会を多くありません。








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The Details

AAAレベル、8-8.5mm アコヤ真珠メンズネックレス、シルバークラスプ

最高級の日本のアコヤ真珠を使用してHESTIAのメンズネックレスをデザインしました。象徴的なアコヤ真珠のネックレスは、日本の優雅さと美しさを最もよく表しています。このメンズパールネックレスはパールジュエリーのコレクションの必需品です。このメンズネックレスに使われているアコヤ真珠は綺麗な丸みと光沢があり、日本の真珠の専門家が保証しています。</ span> </ p>


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Pearl Care

Love your pearl and it will love you back

Saltwater pearls are timeless gemstones can last more than a lifetime and bring joy to people for generations if looked after properly. As one of the only organic gemstones pearls do not like chemicals. This means that in order to keep their luster and shine to last you should avoid exposing them to soaps, hairsprays, body & hand lotions, cleaning solutions, chlorine and other substances that you expect to have similar ingredients.

Make sure pearls are the last thing you wear and the first to remove. Remember not to shower with them (to avoid the soaps and shampoos). Be careful with earrings and rings which are especially easy to forget on. Follow these basic instructions and you will maintain your pearls’ vitality. 

What People Say

As a family business, we treat our customers as such

Got the tahitian black pearl necklace and matching earrings. Ordered online from overseas. The pearls are GORGEOUS. The pictures and images do not do them justice. Would highly recommend buying from Pearls.jp. Will buy again with full confidence even online. I don’t need to see the pearls in person to know that a quality product will be delivered.

Yeow Su-Ann

Visited Pearls.jp after doing some research online. It was a wonderful experience. Dori was very patient and helpful. Finally settled on a set of pearl necklace and pair of ear studs. Nothing but full of praises for the quality, service and price. Highly recommended!

Lead Shuan Pang

Incredible quality and great customer service. Their buying experience was second-to-none and I purchased a beautiful Akoya pearl necklace that was hand-strung while I waited. This year I worked with them online and they helped me give my wife an unforgettable birthday present from across the world. I highly recommend Dori and his great team. You will be blown away.

Tom Hanvey

My Japanese friend recommend Pearls.jp. I bought a Tahiti pearl necklace and a ring. The staff is super friendly and reliable. They speak English, another shop assistance speak Chinese fluently, so there will be no problem with tourist shopping here. Very nice experience!

Weiqi Shao



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