BIWAKO Necklace

$650 $390

Biwa Pearl, 925 Silver

This rare necklace highlights the natural beauty of the Biwa pearl, known for its raw and primal look. We reserved each pearl and set them on an adjustable chain. The necklace is a beautiful piece for yourself or a loved one. A collectors item, and an amazing addition to any collection.

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Lake Biwa Freshwater Pearl on an adjustable 925 silver chain

Raw, natural, minimalistic and mesmerizing are some of the words you could use to describe this Biwako necklace. The features a rare natural Biwa pearl that used to be cultured in Japan a log time ago. These were pearls hand picked by our pearl experts directly from the farms of Lake Biwa, and reserved over the years to create beautiful jewelry. 

Each pearl is drilled through with care, and set on an adjustable silver chain. The chain can adjust to any length up to 18 inch. It is coated with a special rhodium plating that prevents tarnishing. This necklace is minimalistic, yet rich with beauty. It goes with anything you might want to wear, whether it is casual or dressy. You are guaranteed to get a lot of use from this necklace. 

Due to these pearls being natural, each one may be slightly different from the one in the photo. Each is unique.


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