Chinese New Year

Starting February 5 2019


Amit Trading 恭贺大家 猪年吉祥,

诸事顺利 精美南洋黄金真珠系列,


Golden Pearls have long been a symbol of luxury and prosperity in Asian cultures

We welcome the Auspicious Year of the Boar, Amit Presents:
A luxurious collection of Fancy South Sea Golden pearls. This collection is so rare that it takes three years to collect them from the various pearl harvests. The collection includes rare shapes and colors such as Lavender, Sakura and Copper. You cannot miss the opportunity to shop for these unique pearls.

In addition we have a collection of elegant Japanese Akoya pearls, and exotic black Tahitian pearls.

Priced irresistibly for your discerning taste.

Visit our showroom located in Roppongi Crossing and we will make your visit a worthwhile trip!