December 2019 New Arrivals

Before welcoming 2020, have a taste of the new and exciting pearl and diamond collections we put together

Our New Pearl Collection

Towards the end of this year we started putting together pearl jewelry with an emphasis on design versatility. These were all big hits because having jewelry that you can wear in different styles is always welcome. But we didn’t stop there, we added more of these creative ideas to our collection. Earring Jackets, Pearl Enhancers and may more items are waiting for you in our showroom. Come and enjoy the 50% discount before the year ends! We also have some great items priced perfectly for seasonal gifts. 

The New Diamond Collection

We brought in some extraordinary diamond jewelry with exquisite quality and design. Some of these stones are jaw droppers! A wide range of products includes rings, earrings, studs, pendants and bracelets. There’s a good range of budgets suitable for anyone.

As you may know, AMIT offers custom makes as well. This means that we can source any type of loose diamond for you and then we would set it on a hand made setting according to your unique preference.