Spring, Diamonds & Sakura Akoya

April 8-15

April, Spring, Sakura, Diamonds and Akoyas 

As you stroll along Naka Meguro River or Sakura Zaka, taking in the beautiful sights of pink blossoms all over Tokyo, why not stop by the “Akoya and Diamond” Dori at Amit Trading. Here you will find a different, breathtaking view of Pink & White Japanese Akoya Pearls and Dazzling Diamonds!

The Highlights:

  • Spring Diamonds & Sakura Akoya: an amazing opportunity to purchase diamonds and Akoyas Pearls at wholesale prices!
  • Special collection of Diamond Jewelry and Fancy color loose diamond stones for customized designs. 
  • Highlighting a fresh collection of silver-pink Japanese Akoya Pearl Jewelry
  • April 8-15 
  • Late closing on Thursday, April 11th until 7pm
  • Pink bubbly

The Details:

We welcome spring with the arrival of April, which represents Sakura (Japanese Cherry Blossoms) as well as diamonds (April’s birthstone). To celebrate this we added new, stunning pieces to our diamond collection. In addition we offer an extra 10% discount on the collection as well, so be sure not to miss this opportunity.

Last, but not least, inspired by the Sakura, we are highlighting our beautiful collection of Japanese Akoya pearls, fresh from the ocean. These pearls, famous for their subtle pink undertones, are a favorite among pearl lovers, and are a pride of Japanese Culture.

Something Extra:
Japanese Akoya pearls are cultured using Pinctada Fukata oysters. There were several attempts and methods tried in the late 19th century in an effort to grow cultured pearls off the coasts of Japan. The most well known is Mikimoto’s. This effort was led by a team of people including marine biologists, investors and scientists. Japanese saltwater pearls are cultivated with Akoya oysters which are small in size compared to other pearl yielding oysters. They have a relatively low survival rate, as well as a low output rate. This means only a small portion of a production will be considered high quality. 

Their size ranges from 2mm-10mm in diameter, and their shape is typically round or off round. Color range includes: white, silver, pink and rose. Japanese Akoya pearls are best known for their extremely high shine (luster) and rich color overtones that indicate a healthy nacre (the material that the oyster produces which is the pearl). 

Come join our very own Diamond and Akoya Hanami with pink bubbly and Sake according to Japanese tradition!


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