8mm Tahitian

Selene, Black Tahitian Pearl Stud Earrings on a model

– SELENE 8mm –

Black Tahitian Pearl Stud Earrings

These earrings are both beautiful and timeless. This blemish free high grade item has a beautiful luster. Its wonderful overtones make it very easy to wear with any attire and skin tone.

– NYX 10mm –

SELENE, Black Tahitian Pearl Stud Earrings

These Black Tahitian Pearl Stud Earrings originate from the coasts of French Polynesia. Their color goes well with any attire, and suite any occasion. They have a high luster, and wonderful overtones. Their surface is smooth and beautiful. They are perfectly round and are a timeless and iconic addition to any collection. The value we offer is second to none! The pearls are carefully matched by our pearl masters and set on 14K white gold posts made in Japan. The sizes range from 8mm up to a magnificent 12mm!

Selene, Black Tahitian Pearl Stud Earrings on a model


– NYX 8mm –

Tahitian Pearl, 925 Silver

This timeless necklace highlights the exoticness of the Tahitian black pearl, known for its colorful overtones. We select each pearl and set them on an adjustable chain. The necklace can be worn alone or layered with any style and is a beautiful piece for yourself or a loved one. A necessary addition to any collection.

– NYX 10mm –

Tahitian Black Pearl on an adjustable 925 silver chain

Exotic, minimalistic and mesmerizing are some of the words you could use to describe this NYX. The design focuses on the exotic Tahitian black pearl’s beauty. Known for their ocean-like overtones and high luster, these Tahitian pearls are handpicked by our pearl experts directly from the farms of French Polynesia. They are radiant, dark and proud. The pearl is round with a high luster.

Each pearl is drilled through with care, and set on an adjustable silver chain. The chain can adjust to any length up to 18 inch. It is coated with a special rhodium plating that prevents tarnishing. This necklace is minimalistic, yet rich with beauty. It goes with anything you might want to wear, whether it is casual or dressy. You are guaranteed to get a lot of use from this necklace.


What’s Included

NYX 8mm: $660

NYX 10mm: $850

Free International Shipping

Appraisal of Authenticity

Hardshell Protective Boxes

Soft Travel Pouches

TOTAL: $1,510


A Closer Look







Types Of Pearls

The NYX SET allows you to layer both pearl sizes easily by taking advantage of the easy to use adjustable chain mechanism. While the 8mm Tahitian pearl is perfect for day to day, the 10mm pearl has more of an impact. By ordering the set you get the best of both worlds, as well as the ability to layer both sizes and achieving this unique look.


What People Say

As a family business, we treat our customers as such

Got the tahitian black pearl necklace and matching earrings. Ordered online from overseas. The pearls are GORGEOUS. The pictures and images do not do them justice. Would highly recommend buying from Pearls.jp. Will buy again with full confidence even online. I don't need to see the pearls in person to know that a quality product will be delivered.

Yeow Su-Ann

Visited Pearls.jp after doing some research online. It was a wonderful experience. Dori was very patient and helpful. Finally settled on a set of pearl necklace and pair of ear studs. Nothing but full of praises for the quality, service and price. Highly recommended!

Lead Shuan Pang

Incredible quality and great customer service. Their buying experience was second-to-none and I purchased a beautiful Akoya pearl necklace that was hand-strung while I waited. This year I worked with them online and they helped me give my wife an unforgettable birthday present from across the world. I highly recommend Dori and his great team. You will be blown away.

Tom Hanvey

My Japanese friend recommend Pearls.jp. I bought a Tahiti pearl necklace and a ring. The staff is super friendly and reliable. They speak English, another shop assistance speak Chinese fluently, so there will be no problem with tourist shopping here. Very nice experience!

Weiqi Shao

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