The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Pearls: Why They're So Popular

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October 8, 2022
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Japanese Pearls

Japan is famous for its exquisitely cultured pearls. These elegant, tender saltwater pearls are cultivated in the seas of Japan. Their high luster and beautiful surface make Japanese pearls incredibly attractive. The unique characteristics of these pearls, such as their smoothness, rich overtones and high luster, have earned them a place in the jewelry boxes of countless women around the world who appreciate authentic beauty. But why are they so popular? Let’s discover more about Japanese Akoyas.

What are Japanese pearls?

Japanese pearls also known as Akoyas, are saltwater cultured pearls that are cultivated in the seas of Japan. They are popular because of their high luster and delicate surface. Akoyas are not only favored by women but also by men who appreciate their natural beauty. Cultured pearls are created in a controlled environment. Human intervention nucleates the Japanese pearl oyster to initiate the process of it making the actual pearls. Natural pearls for naturally without human intervention, however, these were over-harvested and no longer are available in trade. Pretty much all pearls you see today are cultured.

Pure and delicate surface

Japanese pearls are cultivated in clear, clean waters. This gives them a smooth and beautiful surface that is suitable for delicate designs.

High luster

The high luster of these pearls is due to the way the nacre is formed, its symmetry and depth. The pearls are cultivated in a very clean environment with low bacteria. Out of the saltwater pearls, Japanese pearls stand out for their mirror-like luster.

Uniform shape and size

Akoyas culturing techniques and experience yield pearls with consistent shape, size, color, and luster. The pearls have a round shape with a consistent size, which is suitable for various designs. The pearls reach up to 10mm in diameter. This relatively small range allows women of all ages to feel comfortable wearing them.

Sentimental Value

Japanese pearls are very traditional with iconic designs. They are often handed down from generation to generation due to their timeless appeal. This imbues them with sentimental value and memories. They last for a very long time some say carry the memories from one generation to the next.

Japanese Akoya Pearl Necklace AAA pearls.jp Tokyo Japan
A classic, timeless strand of Japanese Akoya pearls, often passed down

How are they cultured?

Japanese Akoyas are cultivated in the ocean by inserting a bead (AKA Nucleus) into the oyster in a controlled environment. The pearls starts to form as the oyster naturally secretes nacre. The process takes between three and five years, where the oysters are carefully monitored and taken care after. The pearls are harvested by hand when they reach the desired size. After harvesting, the pearls are carefully washed and soaked and ultimately sold to companies such as ourselves. Akoya pearls in Japanese culture are an important factor, if you would like to read more about this then please read this post.

Japanese Pearl Divers pearls.jp tokyo japan
Japanese Pearl divers on in a pearl farm

Where can you source the pearl?

You can find authentic Japanese Akoya pearls at reputable jewelry stores and brands. However, you can get them directly from the source - us at pearls.jp! We buy our pearls directly from the farms and sell them at wholesale rates. As we have been in the industry for over 50 years, we have built our reputation as the best place to buy Japanese Pearls. We also string and craft our Japanese pearl jewelry the traditional Japanese way. This knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation in the company. The pearls are usually priced depending on their size, shape, and luster. Our pearl experts are always happy to provide input as to the best overtones for a specific skin tone. If you would like to learn more about Japanese cultured pearls price please read this blog post.

The Pros of buying a Japanese Akoya Pearl

The unique characteristics of Japanese Akoyas make them great for women of all ages. The pearls can be worn with both casual and formal attire, making them a great gift for any occasion. The pearls are available in a wide range of sizes that can match any character. We also carry a wide range of inventory, suitable for any budget. And since they are Saltwater pearls, they are considered gem-quality and last for life.

Final words: Should you buy a genuine Japanese pearl?

Japanese Akoyas are beautiful cultured pearls that can be worn by everyone. They are available in a wide range of overtones and qualities, making them suitable for every occasion. You can find Akoyas for any budget making them ideal gifts as well. The very high-quality Japanese Akoya pearls are fit for queens! In short, you cannot go wrong with them and we also provided where to buy pearls in Japan.

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