Cleopatra Pearl Necklace

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Japanese Akoya, AAA, Baroque

The "Cleopatra" necklace is a rare jewel, showcasing 4-6mm Japanese Akoya baroque pearls with a captivating luster. Each pearl is uniquely set to create beautifully raw and natural look. With its high luster and smooth surface, this limited-edition piece is a celebration of exclusivity for the discerning pearl enthusiast.


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Japanese Akoya, AAA, Baroque

Embrace the raw elegance of the Cleopatra pearl necklace – a necklace that captures the untamed beauty of ancient royalty. This exquisite piece is expertly strung with 4-6mm Japanese Akoya baroque pearls, each bearing a white to ivory overtone that radiates a high luster and smooth surface.

The pearls are drilled and arranged in a distinctive manner, showcasing a raw aesthetic that stands unparalleled in its design. The "Cleopatra" is not just a statement of style but a celebration of uniqueness, with each pearl's organic form telling its own story.

Limited in quantity due to the rarity and intricate composition of these pearls, this necklace is a treasure among pearl lovers. We invite you to order a piece of this limited collection, a true embodiment of natural sophistication that cannot be replicated.

The pearls are set on wire that gives the strand a solid form and closed with a simple to operate sterling silver clasp (rhodium plated to prevent tarnishing). It is a great stand a lone piece with a lot of presence, and can also be layered with pendants and other strands for maximum design versatility.

For the true pearl aficionado, the "Cleopatra" is a must-have, a piece that defies convention and exudes a timeless allure that is as rare as it is beautiful.











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