The History of

a story of generations

Established 1969

The story of is one of generations. The history begins with Zvi Chitayat who seized a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to work for a well known Japanese company in their pearl division in 1962. Mr. Chitayat moved to Kobe (known until today as the “Pearl City”) as a pearl buyer and embarked on a career in a very traditional Japanese trade.

Having dedicated 7 years to learn the trade, Mr. Chitayat moved with his family to Tokyo where he established the pearl exporting and wholesale company, Amit Trading. Mr. Chitayat’s unique position as a foreigner dealing with pearls in Japan allowed many foreign companies a convenient gateway into one of Japan’s most beautiful and traditional trades. At this time the company was focused on exporting pearls to the US, Europe and HK and accumulated considerable experience and expertise. Carrying on the family tradition, Mr. Chitayat’s son-in-law, Avinoam Nahmani, became managing director of the company in 1995 at which point the company was exporting to over 20 countries worldwide.

Since the company was established, friends and family requested to buy pearls for loved ones. Gradually the amount of private customers that visited us increased. The retail business flourished and the company built a reputation for being the best place to buy pearls in Tokyo thanks to Amit’s high quality pearls and affordable prices. During this time, Amit started bringing in loose diamonds and jewellery as a service to the company’s loyal customers. Amit became a trusted source for diamonds as well.

In 2016, Mr. Chitayat’s son, Dori Chitayat, joined Amit as its managing director, after working in the company as Head of Retail (2005-2011). During this time he lead efforts of establishing Amit Sanno. Prior to rejoining the company, Mr. Dori Chitayat held key positions in leading global hightech companies. His familiarity with both the traditional pearl industry and the hightech industry grants him a unique perspective and the vision to march Amit Trading into the digital era in which we live in.

Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By, Tokyo, Japan
Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By, Tokyo, Japan