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Every journey is an adventure. Every adventure is a story. And this is ours.
Zvi Chitayat was born in Bagdad, Iraq.
At the age of 11, Zvi migrates to Israel with his family. Essentially leaving all their possessions behind as they embark on a journey full of challenges and danger.
Fascinated by the wonders and beauty of pearls, Zvi seized a “once in a lifetime” opportunity, and pursued a career in one of the most distinguished Japanese pearl companies as a pearl buyer. His journey started in Ise, one of Japans main pearl farming areas, where he studied pearls and the various aspect of the Japanese culture.
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Zvi relocated to Kobe Japan, famously known as the “Pearl City”, as an official pearl buyer and embarked on an expedition of traditional Japanese pearl tradecraft.
After 7 years of perfecting his craft, Zvi moved to Tokyo Japan with his wife and established Amit Trading, a pearl wholesale company dedicated to selecting and exporting extraordinary Akoya pearls from pearl farms in Japan. This marked the beginning of a remarkable legacy that has lasted for over 50 years.
Amit gained recognition for its high quality and precision in pearls. The recognition spread further abroad; wholesalers, Jewelry companies and boutiques from Europe, the United States and Hong Kong demanded for Amit pearls, while friends and family requested to buy exclusive pearl jewelry pieces.
Zvi Chitayat viewing Japanese Akoya Pearls
Dori Chitayat was born in Tokyo, Japan.
Amit started sourcing Tahitian and South Sea pearls. The dedication and success in wholesale built Amit’s reputation as a world class pearl exporting company. At the same time, the number of private customers seeking exquisite pearls and “special orders” increased tremendously as the word spread about the value of our pearls.
Thirty years after Amit Trading was born, we opened our pearl atelier in Roppongi Tokyo to continue spreading joy through pearls, and reinvented the designs with unparalleled diamond creations to complement the pearls.
Amit had become a renowned destination for pearls for both wholesale and retail globally, trading in high volume for select pearl companies in Japan and worldwide, as well as meticulously designing and matching fine pearl jewelry to individual customers at the atelier.
Being born into the world of pearls, Dori spent his entire life learning the delicacy of pearls and secrets of his father’s atelier, and joined the company at age 26.
Carrying on the family tradition, Dori takes over from his father as the 2nd generation curator and Managing Director. Maintaining the reputation as the best place to buy exquisite pearls and continuing the long-standing relationships with pearl farms in Japan and around the world.
Establishment of the company’s official retail brand: pearls.jp 

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