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Quality, it's what we do.

Our experience along with our industry ties, allow us to source the highest quality pearls and diamonds. We buy directly from the source for wholesale purposes, meaning: in bulk. What this means to you is that our prices are a fracture of the retail prices you are used to seeing with high end jewelry.

Due to our wholesale customer base, we hold an unmatched variety of pearls and diamonds to choose from. Our reliable staff will guide and assist you in selecting the perfect pearl for you.

Our updated online services now offer a smooth and secure way to buy our pearl jewelry from anywhere in the world.

We are confident in our high quality selection and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Therefore, in case you are purchasing from outside of Japan, we offer a full refund in the case you decide to return your purchase within a week from it’s arrival.

Our strengths in the exporting business allow us to pass on our prices of high-end, beautiful pearls, and expertise to you. All of the above is our guarantee to you.

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