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Black Tahitian Earrings with diamonds, peacock color

Made in Tokyo, Japan, Worldwide Standards

Since Amit was established, private customers who knew about the company through friends and family, would ask to purchase pearls directly. Purchasing them anywhere else would cost substantially more than it did at Amit, which presented big savings. More importantly, the variety of the pearls Amit carries is second to none. As wholesale exporters we have a vast amount of pearls at various price points and qualities as we must be able to serve different markets.

Thanks to word of mouth, our Tokyo office built a reputation for being the best place to buy pearls. The number of private customers looking for access to our pearls increased, and we renovated the office to be a showroom where we could facilitate professional presentation of our jewelry and designs. 

These designs include diamond settings which beautifully compliment our pearls. Some of our customers suggested that Amit would carry diamond jewelry as well. Nowadays half of our showroom is dedicated to diamond jewelry. We even bring loose diamonds to be later set in rings or earrings, on an order base. We source our diamonds from the most reputable diamond wholesalers and do the leg work for you. All you need to do is let us know what you are looking and we will present a collection of possibilities. 

Another of Amit’s advantages is the ability to completely customize jewelry. We can match any loose pearl to any setting in our inventory, and create a unique item that wasn’t crafted before. In addition, if you have your own idea you would like to recreate we can hand make it for you.

Last but not least is our tax exception license that allows us not to charge our customers who are visiting japan with the local consumption taxes. This makes a sweet deal even better!

Stop by our showroom conveniently located in Roppongi Crossing and lets make some magic happen. 

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