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Made in Japan

Japanese Akoya pearls are known for their timeless beauty. The pearls are hand-picked directly from the Japanese pearl farms. Discover Japanese quality, and Japanese integrity. 

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"As a family business, we treat our customers as such."


How much does shipping cost?
Nothing! With this offer you receive FREE international shipping. No hidden costs!
What currency are the prices in?
All prices are in USD unless stated otherwise.
Do the pearls come with a certificate?
We provide a signed document that acts as an appraisal that is accepted by all insurance companies. The document authenticates the pearls and provides a detailed description about the jewelry.
Are these pearls real?
We only have authentic pearls with natural colors.
I received a coupon, can I apply it?
You can apply your coupon to any item (even if it is on sale) EXCEPT time limited promotions which are already at a MAX discount.
How to purchase?
Just click the BUY NOW button, and fill in your shipping & payment details. After you complete the purchase, we prepare the item and you will receive an email with the tracking number and confirmation. 
Do you have a return policy?
We have a 30-day return policy. If you have any issue just contact our support and they will make sure it is sorted out. 
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