Pearl Care and Cleaning

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Love Your Pearls

Pearls are natural and delicate and they require some care. The important thing to understand is that pearls can last for a lifetime. However, as these are organic gemstones, one must take good care of them. By doing so you will be able to preserve their luster and vitality for a very long time, and pass them down.

How to Take Care of your Pearls

The rule of thumb is “Last On, First Off” because pearls are adversely affected by the application of lotions, perfumes, hairsprays and other harsh chemicals.

Avoid bathing or swimming while wearing pearls, not because of exposing them to water, rather the soaps and chlorine.

Ideally, after each wearing wipe your pearls with a soft and damp cloth to maintain their luster (only use water, do not mix with soap or any other cleaning agents). If your pearls become soiled, have them professionally checked and cleaned.

In addition, the silk threads used to string pearls weaken with use. If the string looks frail or if the knots loosen we recommend having a professional stringer take a look and advise. We offer professional pearl restringing services in our Tokyo showroom (free of charge for pearls purchased from us).

Remember that pearls can last a lifetime (or more) if properly taken care of, without losing their shine or color intensity.

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