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At many occasions customers ask us whether we can repair their jewelry. Though this is by no means our core business, it is a service we offer for the convenience of our customers. 

Repair services include:

  • Pearl restringing (for pearls bought from us, there is no stringing charge) – Our master stringer individually knots each pearl (assuming the pearls are saltwater) using the traditional japanese technique. This not only gives the necklace a soft and fluid look, it secures it in such a way that even in the case that the strand tears for some reason, you will loose no more than one pearl as they are all knotted. 
  • Pearl Jewelry Repair – If your pearl just fell off it’s mounting or is loose let us take a look at it, we might be able to help. It usually takes no more than 10 minutes. 
  • Ring resizing and polishing.
  • Diamond jewelry sonic-cleaning.
  • Pearl and diamond jewelry remake: want to craft something new from items you already own? Stop by our showroom and show us what you would like to use. We will come up with ideas together and get a price offer for a custom make
  • Appraisals for insurance purposes: we only appraise pearl necklaces and jewelry that were purchased from us. We will never appraise anything else that was not purchased from our company. 

We reserve the right to decline costume jewelry (such as fake pearls or diamonds).

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Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By, Tokyo, Japan
Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By, Tokyo, Japan