7x11 White South Sea and Tahitian 20" Ombre Pearl Necklace

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If you feel like wearing something different, unique and gorgeous, this Ombre strand is for you. A radiant combination of 7x11mm white south sea and Tahitian pearls make this necklace very special. Japanese craftsmanship and professionalism create a seamless color transition from jet black to white through silver grey overtones. It is truly a collectors item.

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Ombre necklaces are very challenging to compose. To achieve a seamless color graduation is no small feat. This 20 inch White South Sea and Tahitian Ombre necklace beautifully graduates from jet black to silver white tones. Such professional composing is a trademark of Japanese precision and pearl professionalism. It truly is gorgeous.

The pearls in the rear are uniquely small south sea pearls graduating from 7mm to 11mm Tahitian. The pearls are individually knotted using the toughest string to increase durability. The pearls are cultured in saltwater giving them a thick and lustrous coating with beautiful overtones. One will not be able to miss the radiance and incredible craftsmanship of this piece, it is a head turner.

The White south sea pearls originate from Australia while the silver and black pearls originate from Tahiti.

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