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Rhea is a magnificent set with countless styling options. It is a signature set composed of gold south sea and Tahitian pearls. Read the details for more information on Rhea.

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This is one of’s signature pieces. Composed of regal golden south seas as well as the exotic Tahitians. We designed this necklace so you could wear it in many different styles. It is versatile as it is breath taking. Notice the beautiful and soft contrast of the champaign overtones with the metallic silver.
Rhea is a set made of two separate necklaces, each can be worn individually or together. The silver clasp we use allows the length of each necklace to be slightly adjusted until you create the perfect effect you’re looking for.

We added some examples, however, your imagination is the limit. There are countless different styles to wear Rhea. The pearls have a high luster, and the shapes are a blend of round, semi round and baroque. This combination grants uniqueness to this set. The size graduates from 11.9mm to 10mm giving the necklace presence which will easily fill any room with its beauty and awe. The two necklaces can attach to a silver brooch which is included. This brooch, crowned with a pearl of its own, is a stand alone and has a loop which allows you to attach it to any of your chains, making it a pendant as well.

Let Rhea peak your creativity, and she will pamper you in return as she is our most versatile set of pearls we have composed. 

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