"The Golden Omega" Southsea Gold Pearl Necklace

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A popular design that is all about the Southsea Gold Pearl which lays in the center, grabbing attention as you wear it. The adjustable Omega chain give this necklace design versatility and the ability to change the length of it according to what you are wearing. The beautiful pearl and its overtones give it an edgy, and unique look while the shaped Omega compliments the pearl perfectly.

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"The Golden Omega" Southsea Gold Pearl Necklace

This Gold Pearl Necklace combines class with the edginess pearls can achieve if set properly.  The Omega is one of our all time favorites. The regal 11mm Golden south sea Pearl is the center of attention as it should be. With such a radiant luster, and thick nacre, this pearl is bound to mesmerize anyone who looks upon it.

Each pearl is handpicked by one of our pearl masters and carefully drilled using a special Japanese technique. Drilling through the pearl is no easy feat. It must be done while concentrating and being very attentive to the pearl itself so that it is not damaged in the process. After we drill through the pearl we weave it into the white gold omega chain which has a round shape and compliments ones contour wonderfully.

The pearl is 11mm, round, with a very high luster and breathtaking overtones. It is set on a 18K yellow gold adjustable Omega Chain, which means that you can shorten it or lengthen it as you wish to match what you wear perfectly. This versatility makes this gorgeous piece even more popular as you are sure to get a lot of use of it.

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