Wearing Pearls Casually

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July 14, 2021

Wearing Pearls Casually


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Everyone has their perceptions about pearls. Most people believe that pearls are usually worn to formal occasions. Another common belief is that pearls are for older age groups. There is nothing further from the truth. What people rarely realize is that pearls can be suitable for ANY occasion and for ANY age group! 

Yes, pearls are truly gorgeous gems, however that doesn’t mean that they only suite formal attire. Actually, the fact that they are organic and natural gemstones means that each pearl is unique. We believe that pearls adapt themselves to whoever’s wearing them,  to what they are wearing, and reflect how they feel that day.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we we under the impression that the last thing people wanted would be pearl jewelry due to the fact that there were less occasions for one to “dress up” to. This wasn’t the case. Generally speaking, sales of pearls were steady. 

We believe that this is due to two main reasons: 

  1. Pearls are perfect for casual wear as well as formal. 
  2. The emotional benefits of how pearls make us feel. 

This post will focus on how to wear pearls casually, but we wanted to add something about the latter point as well. Pearls have a certain vitality to them that is addictive. Each piece is different. It carries a unique character and feel to it. That is why pearl lovers tend to build a collection where each piece captures a different feeling. Now, let’s go back to the topic at hand.

How to Wear a Pearl Necklace Casually


What’s the first the that comes to mind when thinking about a pearl necklace? Probably a full pearl strand. Strands are lovely, but if you would like to casually wear pearls, you could go with a single pearl pendant/necklace design. The larger the single pearl, the more substantial it makes the necklace, but in most cases it does not overwhelm the overall look allowing you to wear it with any clothing. 


Another example for wearing pearl strands casually is any strand that is multi color. The various colors “lighten” the overall look and makes it easier to match the strand to any occasion and color. 

Black Tahitian Pearl Multicolor Necklace Aaa Luster And Fancy Colors

Multi Color

White South Sea Pearl Necklace.



Another trick to make a pearl strand fit casual occasions is wearing long strands. Double or triple will do the trick. This allows you to layer, knot, and be creative with the length. A great type of pearl for this is the Japanese Akoyas as their relatively smaller sizes allow to increase the overall length of the strand without making it overwhelming for casual wear. 

So when speaking about necklaces we can divide the tips into three: 

  1. Strands vs single pearls
  2. Color combination
  3. Length

Baroque vs Round Pearls

Most people think that pearls are round. However, most pearls are not! A wonderful pearl category is Baroque. The random shape of these pearls make them perfect candidates for jewelry to wear casually without compromising on quality and class. If talking about necklaces, the same tips discussed previously apply to baroque pearls. Strands usually carry more impact than single pearls. If you wish to “dress down” you might want to consider jewelry that is composed of single pearls rather than full strands. 

Size: Small vs Large

A great tip has to do with the size of pearls. The larger the pearls are – the more presence they carry. If you want to achieve more of a subtle look, we recommend sticking to small size pearls. Anywhere up to 9mm is considered relatively small. Of course, there are no rules to this, and it also depends on the type of jewelry. As an example, 9mm studs are not small at all, however 9mm single pendant/ring is not large by any means. Depending on the type of jewelry you’re looking for, balance the size of the pearl to reach the perfect look. 

Pearls and Gemstones

Pearls are often set together with other gems. These combinations have a big impact on the overall look of the item. For instance, pearls set with diamonds are sometimes very flashy which makes it harder to wear casually. On the other hand, wearing pearls with color gemstones such as topaz, aquamarines, etc. could add that color that you love while keeping the overall look balanced and subtle. 

Baroque Pearl Earrings

Only Pearls

Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By Pearls.jp, Tokyo, Japan

Akoya & Aquamarine

Baroque Pearl Earrings With Diamonds

Pears & Diamonds

Layering Pearls

A huge trend when wearing pearls is to layer different types/sizes/lengths of pearl necklaces. There are no rules to this really and by adding more layers it achieves the counterintuitive result of making it more casual. This is a result of the “messy”, or “I just put on the first thing I saw”, look that layering pearls create.

Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By Pearls.jp, Tokyo, Japan

This pictures shows a perfect example for how layering pearl necklaces and jewelry creates a look perfectly suitable for every day.

These are just a few tips and we promise to keep them coming. Stay tuned to our tips from our pro’s by registering for our newsletter. We also offer exclusive offers and discounts, so don’t miss out on it!

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