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March 5, 2019
Dori Chitayat with pearl academy graduates

Pearl Academy

Pearls, a learning experience with friends and fun!

Hello all you pearl lovers!  Announcing the hottest social learning event of 2019.  You have been asking for it and Amit Trading has listened.  We have taken our commitment to educating the public & your passion to know all things pearls and have created a dynamic social learning event. . . . . The Pearl Academy!

Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By, Tokyo, Japan
Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By, Tokyo, Japan

What is a Pearl Academy?

We have taken our nearly half a century of experience, knowledge & expertise and condensed it into a series of 20 minute presentations designed to cover all things pearls.  At The Pearl Academy, our experts explain everything there is to know: the different pearl types, how they come to life, what to look for when viewing them and much more.  The experts even show some nifty tricks to help spot a real pearl from a fake!

Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By, Tokyo, Japan

The second half of The Pearl Academy is where the fun & excitement really builds. . . .   the hands-on learning experience!!! In this segment, our Pearl Masters teach you one of several pearl disciplines:  knotting, drilling, design, pairing, sorting and more.

“The Art of Knotting 101” is where we suggest all pearl lovers begin!  Our Pearl Masters teach you how to individually knot each pearl the traditional Japanese way.  You will begin by knotting your very own Japanese Akoya Pearl bracelet!  How fun is that?  At the end of the session, you have the option to purchase & keep your masterpiece or you can simply leave it, taking away the value of the experience.  We are committed to educating!  Absolutely no obligation.

Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By, Tokyo, Japan

After the hands on experience of ‘The Art of Knotting 101’ I agree that it is definitely an art & I’ll never complain about the cost of individually strung pearls. Priceless!!!


At the end of The Pearl Academy you are certified by the experts that you completed your given segment and are ready for the next one!

Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By, Tokyo, Japan

One of the greatest satisfactions we experience during The Pearl Academy is to see our participants gain a greater appreciation for pearls!  It is a unique experience that demystifies the world of pearls, laying the foundation for understanding.  It empowers the consumer with the ability to discuss pearls professionally.

Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By, Tokyo, Japan

Great opportunity to feel closer to the excitement of pearl appreciation.  Fun event and I am wearing my new string of pearls with pride now.


Why a Pearl Academy?

We share our knowledge, expertise & nearly half a century of experience because we believe that an educated consumer will be better able to appreciate the QUALITY of pearls.  Hence, fully understanding & comprehending their cost value!  It’s quite simple – we give you, the consumer, the tools to assess pearls for yourself, no strings attached.

Who Can Attend a Pearl Academy?

The more the merrier.  We took education to the next level by creating lively, fun Pearl Academy events for groups!  It is the perfect combination of pearls, hands-on learning, friends, food and did we mention. . . .  wine.

Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By, Tokyo, Japan
Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By, Tokyo, Japan
Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By, Tokyo, Japan

The Class of February 19

Where is The Pearl Academy?

Wherever the pearl lover is!  We can take The Pearl Academy to you & your friends OR we are more than happy to host you & your group at our convenient Roppongi office location. The biggest benefit of letting us host. . . . access to our world-wide wholesale/export vault of inventory!!!

The care and attention to detail that the staff provided, when assisting in designing my strand of pearls, was simply outstanding!


After a night of pearls, wine and showing all the different types of pearls, Dori takes five on the floor of the safe room and looks forward to the next Pearl Academy.

Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By, Tokyo, Japan
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