Has it been a year?



Happy Anniversary to me.  I’ve been playing in the pearls for a year. And I’m still having fun.  A Girl can never have enough pearls.

Let me now introduce you to all the lovely people I have worked with this past year at Amit Trading.

This is Dori, our Managing Director.

He can tell you all about the pearls since he does the buying on the wholesale part of the business.  He has grown up with the pearls since his father started Amit Trading 50 years ago.  Lately Dori has been conducting seminars called “Pearl Academy” for various groups including Tokyo American Club.  He explains the origin of the pearl and the process today of culturing pearls.  Participants love these informative sessions.

Here is a picture of Dori and his father on a recent visit to Tokyo.  We were celebrating a very auspicious occasion.  Dori’s son had just been born.

Our Pearl Master:  Nakamura-San

A true Pearl Expert!

No one can string pearls like this gentleman can. He is very fast and accurate! I thought I knew how to string until I saw this man do it. He grades and prices pearls too. This August, Nakamura-San will have been at Amit for 40 years. This is quite an achievement!


Grades, prices, and is a big part of the wholesale business. He accompanies Dori on all those pearl wholesale shows. He answers all my pearl questions, which are many. I hear he also is an awesome surfer.


Jun-San or June is Dori’s assistant and the bright, smiling face that greets customers as they get off the elevator on the fifth floor. June is our go to person, who can answer just about any question in regards to the store. June is showing me the new Amit site.


Our lovely Accountant. Anything that has to do with numbers involves this lady. Wrapping gift boxes (the Japanese way) is a specialty of hers. If you purchase a gift from Amit, chances are Nagasi-San will wrap it for you.

We do have fun!  

There are my retail buddies, Azusa and Jen. Both are lovely ladies who can help with any retail pearl needs. The three of us have gotten pretty good at putting different pieces together to customize jewelry for customers.

Here is Azusa helping a customer.

This is Jen dreaming about all the diamond rings on her fingers. This is the gemstone jewelry side of our showroom.

The Strands

Now let’s look at some pearls. This is showing Tahitian pearls on a Tahitian oyster shell and Japanese Akoya pearls on an Akoya oyster shell.


The next two pictures are showing the Tahitians and Akoyas with the outside of the shells. The Tahitian shell has been polished and the Akoya has not. You can see that the Tahitian Oyster is much larger than the Akoya and can therefore produce a larger pearl.

This is a photo of some special colored Golden South Seas that we have right now. Unique coloration and all natural.


I Love These! The strands with nice mixes of Tahitian and South Sea White and Golden Pearls!

Showing the variation in Tahitian Pearls

In this photo, we have very dark round Tahitians and in the middle, a Tahitian strand that is slightly baroque in shape and silvery in color. And on the right are darker, very baroque or circled Tahitians. Some have the peacock coloration, with beautiful blues, greens, pinks, and purples.

More Tahitians. Very large and round. As big as 14-15mm. Can you tell that I have a fondness for Tahitians? Stay tuned for the upcoming Tahitian Festival in the Amit Showroom.

Japanese Akoya and Hanadama Pearls

Hanadama: translated from Japanese means “spherical flower “. Also known as “flower pearls “. The delicate shades of pink shining over the surface of the pearls is suppose to represent the Japanese Cherry Blossoms. Japanese Hanadama Akoya are certified, in Japan, to be the highest and strongest of the Akoya Pearls. Look at this luster!

And of course, I have to show some beautiful Akoyas too. These are 7.5-8.0mm.

And then there are these. 9.0-9.5mm. About as big as an Akoya Oyster can produce and also Hanadama.

And then there is the Pearl Jewelry

I love jewelry that does something. Move, Change Out, etc. I must not be the only one. This particular pendant with gold tassels was a big seller throughout the recent holidays. The pearl has the ability to slide up and down and can be worn up high with long tassels hanging down or low. The choice is yours. I have been told that long hanging pendants are in style right now.

Both pendants on the right side are the sliding designs.

This jewelry is fun too. Design it yourself! Do you have loose pearls and need something to do with them? These pendant and bracelet chains allow you to do that. Change it up with different pearls or gold beads. A pin at the end of the chain allows versatility!

And I can’t ignore our gemstone side. By the way, this is an over 2 ct. center marquis diamond with .85 ct of diamonds on the sides. A real sparkler!

And also beautiful colored gemstones! I gathered these pink and red beauties together with Valentine’s Day in mind. There are rubies and pink tourmaline to name a few.

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