Kamala Harris’ Love for Pearls

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January 22, 2021

Kamala Harris’ Love for Pearls


January 20st 2021 is a historic day to be remembered in the USA as well as the world. It is the day when the first female vice president of the USA was sworn in to office. Not only that, she is also the first black, south asian female to have earned that honor. She is a symbol of equality, progress and hope in the eyes of many women in the USA and around the world. In her many appearances, Harris is often seen wearing pearls. As a strong female persona, Harris already succeeded in setting pearls as a rising fashion trend.

Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By Pearls.jp, Tokyo, Japan

Pearls to Symbolize Female Empowerment

Harris’ charismatic character and what she stands for, brought women around the world to see in her a symbol of equality and hope for a juster future. A future that represents understanding, love and acceptance. A future that prioritizes capabilities rather than one’s gender. A future that empowers women. 

Interestingly, women around the world have made the pearls that Harris wears so often to be the symbol of this hope. To express their solidarity, women started wearing pearls more often. Those who did not own a set bought one, despite covid and social distancing. It is an unbelievable trend sparked by what pearls represent, in this case, hope. 

A wonderful example for this is a Facebook group called “Wear your pearls on Jan, 20th” with no less than 460,000 members which called for women around the world to wear pearls in solidarity with female empowerment.

Pearls throughout times symbolized ideas such as vitality, youth, wealth and of course beauty. To see pearls symbolize female empowerment and hope nowadays is moving as it is beautiful.

Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By Pearls.jp, Tokyo, Japan

Credit: Gage Skidmore

Whats Behind Kamala’s Pearls

VP Harris wears pearls to every meaningful event. For the presidential inauguration ceremony she wore a pearl necklace which is a designer’s version of a “tin-cup” necklace which is composed from white south sea pearls and gold. 

For her graduation she wore a white pearl necklace as a homage for her Howard University sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha. The sorority refers to the founders and incorporators as “Twenty Pearls”. 

Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By Pearls.jp, Tokyo, Japan

Harris’ signature pear necklace is definitely the single, unicolor Tahitian strand. She wears it often and it complements her elegant and sharp fashion. Pearls have been around in the white house many times. Barbara Bush was known for wearing large white south sea pearls. Condolesa Rice wore white and gold as well. We at Pearls.jp love Tahitian pearls for their colorful overtones, and their quality to go well with any fashion, for any occasion. Our version of this is the “Asteria

Pearl And Diamond Jewelry By Pearls.jp, Tokyo, Japan

In conclusion

Pearls are organic gems, which carry something different and unique about them. They have always been in fashion since ancient times. They are indeed the definition of timelessness. While trends come and go, it is always a pleasure to see pearls surface and imbued with such powerful and meaningful symbolism that represents hope as it does beauty.

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