The Best Gift Ideas from Japan

Original and Thoughtful Gifts and Souvenirs

Japan is one of the worlds most popular tourist destinations. It is a country like no other with a unique culture. As such one will find the most extraordinary fashion, foods, gadgets, toys and other items. This is due to a combination of creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, as well as one of Japan’s most interesting dualities: having a conservative society, while finding points of extreme as outlets to channel self-expression. 

If we take fashion as an example, the dress code is very conservative. Men and women are expected to wear suits with subtle colors to the office. It is almost a uniform to some extent. However, during the weekends you will find many Japanese wearing cutting edge fashion, borderline avant-garde. This applies to almost any facet of Japanese lifestyle. Original ice cream flavors like Garlic, or gadgets with niche functions you couldn’t imagine. All these make Japan one of the best places to find unique and original gifts. Anyone who visits Japan is compelled to go return home with a souvenir that ends up being the talk of the day.

Credit: Joe Mabel

Credit: Joe Mabel

Pearls for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s, Mothers Day and Holidays

When speaking of finding the best gift ideas Japan has to offer, pearls are amongst the top ranking ones. This is due to their beauty, value and their significance Japanese culture. In addition, pearls in Japan are of the highest quality in the world. This is due to the fact that the process of pearl culturing was invented and perfected in Japan in the early 20th century. As a result, the Japanese eye is the most trained and experienced in processing and matching pearls. has been there from the beginning. We have been exporting the the most beautiful pearls out of Tokyo since 1969. We built our reputation as the best place to buy pearls in Tokyo. Many of our customers mention that pearls are the best gift to bring back home for several reasons: 

  1. Pearls are relevant to Japanese culture and symbolize the country.
  2. They are beautiful natural gems.
  3. Pearls are timeless.
  4. They last for life and carry with them happy memories.

Popular gifts from

Japanese Akoya Stud Pearl Earrings


Can’t go wrong with these iconic pearl stud earrings. Perfect for any ocassion and last for a lifetime. The various sizes make them relevant to any age group and any budget.

From $315 From $142

Japanese Akoya Tin-cup station necklace

Japanese Akoya Tin-Cup

A pearl necklace that is approriate for any age group and any occasion. It is composed of the finest Japanese Akoya pearls on an 18K yellow/white gold chain.


Black tahitian pearl necklace AAA


A single gorgeous Tahitian pearl set on an adjustable silver chain makes this necklace a welcome addition to any collection. You can’t go wrong with the  versitility and unique look.

From $555 From $249

Japanese Akoya Tin-cup station necklace


These Champagne pearls are a signature item. They have a very strong luster and are set on a long adjustable chain for extra design versitility. A guaranteed wow factor.

From $650 From $290

Check out our Japanese Akoya Collection for more gift ideas that originate from Japan.

In conclusion

We at made it a point to continuously design excellent gift ideas for any budget that last for life. Our staff is always happy to help you with finding the right pearl for the right occasion. Pearls are always well received, a gift you can’t go wrong with. Now that we offer free international shipping, you don’t have to be in Tokyo to give the gift of a pearl from Japan, everything is done seamlessly online.

To select the right gift idea you can start with our homepage or browse our different collections. You may also email us, or chat with one of our representatives.

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