My Pearl Journey (Japan)

Having fun with pearls during my last days in Japan




The following post is the last “pearl” left by our very own Lynda. She took it upon herself to write a very original take on a summary of her time in Japan as well as her time with us at Amit. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Lynda for her time with us. We cherish the moments we had with her while she was helping out. We now wish her and her wonderful family the best of luck with her move back home.


Lynda’s Post:

The last four years has been quite a ride and I will certainly miss you, Japan! At some point, in the spring, I got the notion that it would be a great idea to take with me a large white South Sea pearl as I make my rounds around the city of Tokyo and elsewhere. Kind of like a “Where’s Waldo”, but instead with this gorgeous, huge, South Sea pearl on loan from Amit Trading. It seemed somehow appropriate since pearls have become such a large part of my Japan experience this last year and a half.

So it was Sakura Season, and I started taking the pearl out on trips.

This was Nakameguro along the canal. Lots of people!

Here is the beauty that I’m taking to see the sites. It is a large, white South Sea loose pearl, probably from Australian waters, and very round and brilliant.

Yup, almost have it up there. It was a stretch. Sky Tree.

This was our next group of visitors this spring. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law arrived in Tokyo. Yup, I’m there holding the pearl in the photograph of us on top of a building overlooking the Scramble in Shibuya.

This is my son, Greg. He helped out too with pearl holding at Sensoji Temple.

At this point, the pearl is in my purse. Nina and I attended Book Club while she was here and the book assigned was called “Pachinko”. So, of course we had to check one out.

Now back down on the street in Shinjuku and looking at some rotating art.

This is the view from the Government Building in Shinjuku.

This is my friend, Nina, pretty much off the plane visiting from the USA. She was a good sport, visiting Ueno Park and holding the pearl. No time for jet lag. Yes, those are white Sakura trees in the background.

I got more family members to help out. This is my husband, Tom imitating art.

Just thought these flowers were beautiful with the pearl.

And this huge peony, in Ueno Park, seemed to capture the delicate slight pink coloration of the pearl.

And of course, Takeshita Street in Harajuku.

I had to get in a few more iconic Tokyo pictures with the pearl. Sharon kindly displays the pearl to Tokyo Tower and Zozoji Temple. And don’t worry, Godzilla, who likes to hang around Shinjuku, didn’t eat the pearl.

Ms. Pearl and Onigiri. Yes, the pearl even made it to the Franciscan Chapel for the making of Onigiri for the homeless. This has been a big part of my Tuesday’s.

Our friend, Janet, was our last visitor of the Spring. She is a big baseball fan. It seems that the pearl likes Japanese Baseball too. Yes, it was there. Go Swallows! The incredible Tomomi was a part of the evening too.

I started gathering those last minute gifts to take back to the US. Yes, I have three of those popular tassel pendants from Amit. One was not enough.

This was my last official day at Amit Trading. The staff and I got to enjoy some Sayonara cakey. I will truly miss these people. And, I have learned so much about pearls. I see now why people just can’t get enough of them.

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