Pearl Experts Reveal: Best Practices for Wearing Pearls

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November 28, 2019
Woman wearing pearl jewelry including a Japanese Akoya necklace and earrings

Pearl Experts Reveal: The Best Practices for Wearing Pearls

Did you know that you can wear pearls with anything? Here we answer some of the most common pearl related fashion questions.

By, Tokyo, Japan.


Well Everyone.  Fall or Autumn is finally here.  The leaves are changing to beautiful autumn colors and slowly dropping along with the temperature.  In Japanese it is called “Koyo” and it is one of the most beautiful times of the year.  Did you know that most weddings are in Septemper and October?  That’s usually what people traditionally think of when looking at pearls.   Long white lustrous pearls adorning the necks of  gorgeous brides.  As perfect a pairing of a strand of Akoyas and an elegant bride are.  However in this post we would like to give you more ideas about how to wear your pearls.  Does it have to be a formal event?  Can you actually wear your pearls with something a little more casual such as a sweater, cardigan, a pair of jeans, or even a one piece swimsuit? We will delve into some common questions and give some recommendations as well.

We will cover:

  • Pearls and Jeans
  • Casual Wear
  • Cardigans & Sweaters
  • Red Dress
  • Pearls for Work
  • Pearls and Coats

Can I Wear Pearls With My Jeans?

This is probably the most common question floating around on the internet today.  Of course you can if it’s done right. You will have to think outside the box and challenge yourself.  The light blue distressed jeans in the picture would go really well with nice South Sea Baroque Necklace.  Baroque pearls have a really bold presense and are flexible enough to look great with a nice blouse and pair of jeans or accompanying a nice dress.  The larger White South Sea pearls really have a bolder look which a smaller stand of Akoya pearls may not be able to pull off.  If you don’t feel like wearing a strand we recommend a pairing of Akoya Diamond Earrings with our signature Akoya Triple Grace Bracelet.  The combination of the two Akoya pieces is a softer look that really compliment each other while keeping the focus on you.

White south sea baroque double length cultured pearl necklace
Japanese Akoya triple pearl bracelet AAA luster Hanadama Quality
white south sea cultured pearl studs 11mm

How About Black Jeans?

Black is such a vibrant yet mysterious color.  It is one of the more popular colors for jeans and it is such a great match for an fire shade orange turtleneck.  For this these two colors we recommend our exclusive Gold South Sea Tassel Necklace.  The larger South Sea pearl would really stand out but not overwhelm the outift as a long strand would.  The tassel also adds length and more style.  A pair of Golden South Sea Baroque is a nice alternative. The beauty of these pearl earrings is that while they do perfectly compliment the necklace they carry enough poise to be worn by themselves.

tassel necklace with a sliding cultured drop shaped gold south sea pearl
gold south sea drop pearl earrings

Can I Wear Pearls With My Overalls?

This can be a huge challenge for finding the right pearl with overalls.  Traditionally they have been the uniform of choice for the blue-collar worker.  Draping a long Akoya pearl necklace around a set of overalls would seem like we are breaking away from dogma.  Instead of going with a long Akoya necklace why not try a nice pendant diamond combination.  It’s much more subtle and matches the carefree style of the overalls while adding a bit of attitude.  The Akoya Pearl Sakura ring would really help compliment that style. It’s combination of pink and white would compliment the pendant and match your overalls.  

Japanese Akoya Stud Pearl Earrings
Japanese Akoya Pearl Ring
Akoya Tokyo Japan Earrings

Can I Wear Pearls With a Pink Cardigan?

A cardigan is a great addition to any t-shirt and jean pairing.  It can really bring an outfit together if worn correctly.  How can pearls make this ensemble even better?  Well, a graduation strand of Tahitian Pearls might just be the best thing for this outfit.  The dark colors really add contrast while the graduation and a subtle blend as well.  Our Tahitian Graduation Pearl Necklace will bring the focus to your neck.  If you want to add another piece, we recommend the South Sea Wing Pearl Bracelet.  It carries a subtlety that will really bring out the colors of your cardigan and the Necklace.

pearl ombre necklace with tahitian and south sea pearls
pearl ombre necklace with tahitian pearls

What To Wear With My Orange Cardigan?

The warm vibrant colors of a tangerine orange cardigan are best combined with out Golden South Sea Pearl earrings.  We really aren’t looking for a contrast here since a deep dark purple would be the best color.  Instead we are going for a nice combination of white, orange, and gold.  This is harmonious alliance of two warmer colors with a neutral one.  One bonus is that the added length of the earrings is really great for shorter hair or when wearing it up.

gold south sea pearl earrings

Can I Wear Pearls and a Pink Sweater?

During the cooler seasons of the fall, more and more sweaters are present.  While the lighter pink color is not everyone’s choice for a fall color, it really has been growing in popularity.  The tin cup combination of White and Gold South Sea pearl necklace really fits the lighter pink color.  The pink sweater’s knit pattern really stands out.  A long round pearl necklace would not have the same impact as the “Tin Cup station” the necklace design has a really nice spacing that can complement the unique pattern.   This blend of a warm, neutral, and cool color really show a well put together ensemble.

japanese akoya pearl tin cup station necklace double length

Wearing Pearls With Casual Clothes

Pearls are really flexible.  They can be worn with casual clothes in nice comfortable situations.  They can also be worn for more formal situations.  Let’s ask ourselves, which one is more common for you?  If it’s most likely the former, please do not fret.  Instead, try our White and Gold South Sea Pearl “Tin Cup” Station Necklace.  We need something that will stand out but not overwhelm.  A solid strand of South Sea pearls might be a little too elegant for this uniform.  On the other hand, a solid pendant might not be enough.  This necklace is a healthy blend.  Please remember that You don’t have to limit yourself to a necklace.  Another option would be our Tahitian Baroque Black Breeze Earrings on each ear with a nice colorful Multi color White and Gold South Sea and Tahitian bracelet.  The hanging dark baroque tones really stand out with this beautiful outfit while the multi colors of the bracelet really prove that pearls can go with any outfit if done well.

Japanese short Akoya Pearl Necklace tokyo japan
Black tahitian pearl earrings
gold south sea pearl pendant with diamonds

Which Pearls Go Best With a Red Dress?

The color red means so many things for so many people.  No wonder it’s one of the most popular choices when buying a gown for a special event.  There is so much passion, strength, and confidence emoting from a red dress.  The White South Sea Pearl Necklace is long and bold.  The South Sea Pearl is usually larger and has more volume than the average Akoya. The length is also perfect for the bold red color.  Maybe you don’t want your piece to stand out. For some jewelry owners, blending in is for more important.  If that is the case then the White-Silver-Pink Japanese Akoya Pearl Necklace would be the best choice.  The cool tones of the Akoyas and smaller size would guarantee this.

HANADAMA japanese pearl akoya triple choker
South sea pearl pendant tokyo japan

Wearing Pearls to the Office

There are a few things to consider when tackling this question.  Is your company pretty flexible or do you work at Disneyland?  All jokes aside, your industry, position, corporate culture, and relation with your supervisory can all play a role in what you may be able to wear.  We aren’t encouraging and violations of your company dress code, but we do recommend a piece that will mostly likely get you more compliments from your coworkers than reprimands from the HR department.   The key top-secret advantage of this piece is its shape.  It virtually goes perfect with any business jacket and blouse pairing.  A long strand of Akoyas would not be the best choice especially if you are trying to close a deal.  However, this piece really blends in with the jacket and darker colors of business suits.  If your company forbids necklaces of any kind, then you can always go with a nice pair of Akoya studs instead.

Japanese Akoya Stud Pearl Earrings With Diamonds
south sea and tahitian multicolor bracelet
white south sea pearl pendant

Pearls & Jackets/Coats

The Trenchcoat

Both the trench coat and camouflage have their origins in the miltary before being embraced by fashion.  Trench coats are defninelty important for a day or night out in the town.  Its V contour really matches the two  pearls.  This pair of  Akoya pearls really provide enough luster to the outfit without overwhemling it.  Because of it tan neutral tone, you can always wear a Black Tahitian Classic Short Pearl Necklace.  Its shorter length and dark bold design will challenge the formallity of the trench coat but it won’t overpower it.

6.5x7.0 mm Japanese Akoya "Waterfall" Necklace

The Camouflage Jacket

Camouflage is something that is so wild and strong. It really brings a strong image of a military and wild presence.  Whiter shades of camouflage may allow you to experiement with a strand of White South Sea Pearls.  However this dark camo print would swallow up any necklace or bracelet.  Instead we recommend a White South Sea Pearl Ring.  Again, an Akoya size just would not be enough for such a bold camo print.  The cutting edge design has a combines the roundess of the pearl with the linear shape. Any brush of the hair will be met with questions about where you found such a compelling piece.   

Natural Blue Japanese Akoya Baroque Necklace

The Fur (lookalike) Coat

Let’s be honest, if you are pull out the fur coat then you are most likely bringing the pearls along for the ride as well.   What are the best pearls to go with your fur coat?  You need something a strand that says high class without the arrogance.  Hanadama Pearls are Akoyas of the highest quality.  When Akoyas are assessed, virtual perfection the only way to reach that Hanadama level of quality.  A long triple lace strand of Hanadama is the only thing we would recommend for a lighter color fur coat.  The luster and fur coat will be not be competing for attention.  They will in fact be working together to give you all the attention.   

Double choker japanese Akoya Hanadama pearl necklace AAA luster


Pearls have always been a celebration of life and vitality.  They have been worn for the better part of 3 millennia.  In the past, the bride would don her mother’s pearl to celebrate the huge step she was taking. Nowadays, Pearls are much more than that.  They can be used to turn almost any outfit or clothing into something spectacular.  Diamonds are great because everyone’s focus is on that diamond.  However, when you use these pearls to express yourself, the focus will actually be on you.  Pearls are meant to match your lifestyle.  If you want to hide them from the world and bring them out for special occasions, go for it.  If you want to experiment and find more ways to make them part of your daily attire. 

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